Medical Marketing Tools & Resources

We’ve created a resource page with many medical marketing tools you can come back to as your needs change. The list is dynamic and we will add more tools and resources as we find ones that offer something new.

We hope you enjoy this list and share it! Please send us your own medical marketing resources. We would love to try new tools and will add them to the list if appropriate.

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Medical Marcom & Lead Generation Blog

We have written dozens of article for your on how to better communicate with physicians, hospital administrators, patients and investors and improve your lead generation processes.

Medical Devices Exhibition ROI Tool

Our Medical-Device-Exhibition-ROI-Tool (FREE) excel-based exhibition planning ROI tool was created to help you calculate the REAL cost and returns of participating as an exhibitor. Using it is very simple.

Medical Marketers Online Resources

Go to a resource page filled with medical marketing tools. Not all relate directly to medical marketing, but everything can be used to make your marcom materials a lot better.

Downloadable Medical Exhibition Checklist

Download this cMedical-Devices-Exhibition-checklist so you can be sure nothing stays behind on your way to your next medical conference or tradeshow.


Inbound Marketing Guide for Medical Device Companies

In this guide you will learn:

  • Why medical marketing has dramatically changed
  • How to design a structured process for getting noticed and generating leads to sales
  • What online tools you can use to upstart your online marketing

Get Wows from your Medical Presentation

If you want to improve your medical presentations, you will find this 40-page e-book, available for free to subscribers, extremely useful.

Presentations & Infographs

17 Building Blocks to a Great Life Sciences Investor Presentation

Do you need to sell investors a dream that is far from realization? Here are the elements of a presentation that can give your pitch a bigger impact.

Power point sales slide improvement

Turning a simple PowerPoint bar chart into something effective isn’t hard. It’s all done with just a few principles and techniques that you can start using immediately. These techniques can be applied to any data chart you prepare for medical marketing materials as well as when you present clinical data.

Presentation guidelines for non designers

Presentation principles are irrespective of the field in which you operate – medical devices, equipment, or any other. See this presentation that is packed with tips and tips for improving your own company presentations.

Improving the market slide in a medical presentation

This is how we structured and designed the market slide in a presentation (field of multiple sclerosis). You can implement most of these principles in your own presentations.

Infograph: Persistent MedTech Start-up Exits Myths Debunked

A few sentiments from people involved in medical device companies about medical technology start-up exits might be far from reality. We prepared an infograph to show a few.