Katya Beyer

Chen and team-CadenSee helped us build the website and presentations in preparation for our participation at Cebit in Hannover. As a finalist I was required to get on stage and present to laymen’s how our technology works, and to do this in a few minutes! In a set of highly targeted slides with clear messages, we managed to achieve just that. Responses to our presentation were overwhelming. The great thing: They needed no hand holding and are able to dive into any medical project quickly and deliver the most awesome results.

Michal Shavit

I have been using Cadensee’s services for the past 4 years: from presentation preparation to website creation. Chen’s medical marketing background has shown to facilitate quick, successful and professional communication. We have a great experience working with them and are receiving many compliments for the work prepared.

Josh Hexter

Chen and his team are passionate, creative and highly professional. They helped us better structure and copy-write our presentation to ensure that our product’s differentiation and value proposition was best understood.

Ronen Rosenberg

We have been working with Candensee and Chen Sirkis for the past 2 years on the development and design of various corporate and medical communication pieces. Candensee has also developed designed our new corporate web site. Chen’s high professionalism and his marketing and medical expertise is evident from the first interaction and throughout our work with him. Chen has the ability to work in tight timelines, be creative and not lose sight of detail.Especially in the biomedical world, where precision and creativity need to be combined, Chen is the right person to work with.

Danny Lange

We were fortunate to work with Chen on a number of projects. His profound knowledge and professionalism in the healthcare market were invaluable, assisting us in the creation of our early stage company presentations, website and marketing materials. He has undoubtedly been very valuable to our business.

Gideon Fostick

Chen helped us redo and significantly improve our web presence, presentations, and other marcom products. He is a creative, cooperative guy with great insight into all aspects of marcom, focusing on medical devices and product marketing. Above all it is fun and productive to work with him

Steven Eitan

Chen led the complete development of our marcom and training arsenal (on- and off-line) for the launch of the BreathID helicobacter pylori system in the US. Materials prepared received fantastic feedback from our US Fortune 500 distribution partners. Additionally, smart online marketing activities generated many leads from physicians interested in our products, which translated into sales.

Dan J. Gelvan

Chen and his team make the complicated, simple to explain. When we showed the presentation they had prepared for us, one analyst commented that he finally understood how PPIs work, even though he had been covering the industry for years! If you need a clear brand or a crisp presentation or website, look no further

Miki Olshansky

I had been working 1,000 hours on Nutrinia’s presentations when Chen and team CadenSee joined the process. They leaped into the project fast, structured the presentation in a way that highlighted our products value and was engaging to partners. The amazing thing? All was completed fast, well in time for our meetings. I couldn’t help but show our gratitude with wine and chocolates!

Tomer Kariv

Pontifax is a $200M venture capital fund that has invested in dozens of life sciences companies. We have a rich legacy that spans decades. With close collaboration and brainstorming sessions, Chen and his team helped tell and more importantly structure the Pontifax story in captivating presentations. No matter the challenge, you can trust him to come through and provide you with the best outcomes, every time.