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Welcome to the CadenSee Medical Marketing & Marcom Blog. You’ll find a variety of topics here: from ways to improve medical sales presentations, to methods to better engage physicians using smart online marketing to creative lead generation techniques. Feel you can contribute? Send us a note. We would love to host you as a guest author.

First steps in inbound marketing for medical device marketing

First Steps in Inbound Marketing for Medical Device Companies

Inbound Marketing focuses on attracting the right audience Traditionally, marketing efforts have been focused on reaching out to the masses, hoping that out of the hundreds or thousands of healthcare
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6 Lessons from the World Cup for Medical Device Companies

Medical device marketing and the World Cup I am not a regular football/soccer fan. But I am an avid World Cup viewer. It is a social event for friends and family to meet and watch 22 people chasing a ball. I
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Numbers in titles of medical presentations

4 Simple Rules for Using Numbers in Titles

Numbers in titles should be handled with care Writing numbers in titles of presentation slides, in web pages, and on medical blog posts should be handled differently than when numbers are used in the general
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Draft FDA social media and internet guidance

Double Trouble: Two New FDA Draft Guidances on Social Media

Two NEW FDA DRAFT Guidances On the Use of Social Media and Online Promotions of Devices and Drugs After five years in the making, the FDA is on a roll. Following the publication of the previous draft guidance
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digital marketing for medical devices

The Leaked NY Times Report and Digital Marketing for Medical Devices are Closely Related

The internal “leaked” report that created a buzz A few weeks ago a “secret” internal 96-page report was leaked. The report, titled “New York Times Innovation Report,” provides an in depth review of
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Improving the market slide in a medical presentation

Case Study: Improving “The Market” Slide in a Medical Presentation

Tutorial: Improving a slide in a medical presentation This is how we structured and designed the market slide in a presentation (field of multiple sclerosis). You can implement most of these principles in your
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Medical technology startup exit myths post

Infograph: Persistent MedTech Start-up Exits Myths Debunked

Myths and realities for medical technology start-up exits A few sentiments from people involved in medical device companies might be far from reality. We prepared an infograph to show a few: Infograph medical
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Ways to start a doctors presentation

6 Powerful Ways to Start a Presentation to Doctors

The beginning of your talk will set the tone for your allotted time Whatever you do during the first 30-60 seconds should succeed in captivating the audience securely enough for them to turn all of their
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Life Sciences Translation Accuracy Compliance

Life Science Translations: How to Ensure Accuracy and Compliance.

Translated document accuracy and compliance is crucial Digital Age values have tweaked some of the definitions associated with “predictable” terms.  Use of the word “Accuracy” is a good example.
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Medicare data set for medical marketers

Better Medical Marketing with the New (and Free) Medicare Data Set of 880,000 Providers

In 2012, 880,000 physicians and providers billed a total of $77 billion The U.S. medical market has been in turmoil since the U.S. Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services released a comprehensive data
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searching fo medical pictures

The Ultimate Guide for Finding and Editing Images for Your Medical Website

The right images are key to your marketing communication Visual aids are a key part of your internet marketing and your marketing communication. Establishing a brand online is best done with a combination of
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Slide titles in PowerPoint

5 Points to Consider to Perfect Your Slide Title

Slide titles matter While every situation is different, you can follow a few general rules when it comes to titling your medical presentation slides. You are not titling a book, essay, short story, or newspaper
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