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Welcome to the CadenSee Medical Marketing & Marcom Blog. You’ll find a variety of topics here: from ways to improve medical sales presentations, to methods to better engage physicians using smart online marketing to creative lead generation techniques.

Powerpoint slide dimensions 1

Which display is best for your presentation: 4:3 or 16:9?

Before working on a presentation for a client, we ask about which slide dimensions s/he would like us to use when we prepare the slides. I usually


Three stories from Mass Challenge finalists

I recently attended the finals of Mass Challenge in Jerusalem. Mass Challenge is one of the top global non-profit startup accelerators in the world.

Aristotle in Presentations

Effective communication: The (modern) ancient Greek way

When we work on a client presentation’s structure and flow, we try to balance many aspects to make it clear and persuasive. I usually tell clients


Finding Amazing Medical Market Statistics on Physician Activities, and Reimbursement

I am an information geek Not many people know this about me, but I took my first steps in the life sciences industry 14 years ago by working as an


6 Ideas to Close a Medical Presentation

Make a memorable closing So, for this week, I thought that I’d pay a debt of long standing and write about the ways to close a medical


Writing a Perfect Subject Line that Physicians will Read

My open rate crashed by 37%. Here’s why. I really liked the last post I wrote. It was about “medical devices freedoms.” I was slightly

Phillies at Orioles June 8, 2012

Saying that your medical device is “safe” completely sucks!

Are there really only a few words in the dictionary to describe the benefits of a medical device? Most companies seem to adhere to a limited set


Final Presentation Checklist for Medical Device Professionals

A final presentation checklist before you take the podium You worked hard to create a presentation, which you are about to present to investors or


An Important Lesson I Just Learned About Email Marketing

This is the way I sent blog posts to subscribers until recently A few weeks ago, I made a slight adjustment to my strategy for sending out email.


Effective Use of Tables in PowerPoint Presentations

Try to avoid using tables in PowerPoint I would usually recommend leaving tables out of PowerPoint presentations. Tables contain a lot of data and


Correct Use of Logos in Presentations of Medtech Companies

Do you have your company’s logo on each slide too? I had a discussion with a new venture-backed client about the use of logos in presentations.


3 Powerful Words that Change Minds

The right words to choose A few weeks ago, I wrote a blog post about the words you should avoid in your marketing communication. Quite a few

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