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Welcome to the CadenSee Medical Marketing & Marcom Blog. You’ll find a variety of topics here: from ways to improve medical sales presentations, to methods to better engage physicians using smart online marketing to creative lead generation techniques. Feel you can contribute? Send us a note. We would love to host you as a guest author.

J.J. Hardy, John Mayberry Jr.

Saying that your medical device is “safe” completely sucks!

Are there really only a few words in the dictionary to describe the benefits of a medical device? Most companies seem to adhere to a limited set of words to describe their medical device. They repeat these
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Medical Device Final Presentation Checklist

Final Presentation Checklist for Medical Device Professionals

A final presentation checklist before you take the podium You worked hard to create a presentation, which you are about to present to investors or at a conference (or let a physician present on your
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create email engagement

An Important Lesson I Just Learned About Email Marketing

This is the way I sent blog posts to subscribers until recently A few weeks ago, I made a slight adjustment to my strategy for sending out email. You might have noticed it and I wanted to tell you more about it
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Tables in PowerPoint Presentations

Effective Use of Tables in PowerPoint Presentations

Try to avoid using tables in PowerPoint I would usually recommend leaving tables out of PowerPoint presentations. Tables contain a lot of data and are too much to absorb, even for the smartest and most savvy
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Medical Device Logos on Powerpoint Slides

Correct Use of Logos in Presentations of Medtech Companies

Do you have your company’s logo on each slide too? I had a discussion with a new venture-backed client about the use of logos in presentations. The client wanted the company’s logo on each slide, as
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words that changes minds

3 Powerful Words that Change Minds

The right words to choose A few weeks ago, I wrote a blog post about the words you should avoid in your marketing communication. Quite a few people reached out, asking what are the words that should be used
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banner blindness in medical websites

Don’t Use Rotating Banners for Your Medical Device Website

“Our themes don’t have sliders… Because sliders suck.” Yoast   How many rotating banners do you currently have on your homepage? The typical client wants many banners on the homepage of their
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2014 (2)

The Most Read Medical Marcom Blog Posts of 2014

Have you missed these medical marcom blog posts? We posted 29 articles on our blog in 2014. Additionally we created an infograph and eBook about online marketing for medical device companies. At the end of
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email message

Critique of a Real Email Introduction on LinkedIn

  Newsflash: I do not accept all LinkedIn invitations to connect I receive quite a few invitations to connect on LinkedIn. I usually accept invitations from three kinds of people: People I’ve met in
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Words to Avoid in Medical Marcom

Words to Avoid in Your Medical Marketing Communication

There are quite a few words you need to avoid There are many ways to differentiate a medical device and make it stand out. But too many companies choose to use the same words to do so. Here’s a newsflash:
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Medical PR is important

The Importance of Medical PR for MedTech Start-up Companies

The practice of PR is often misunderstood The practice of public relations is often misunderstood and overlooked by medical device start-up companies. A lot of people associated within the medical industry
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Screenshot 2014-11-20 08.25.45

Jimmy Kimmel’s “Horse Pants” Can Prepare You for Your Next Investor Presentation

Horse pants and medical investor presentations? Recently, late night show host Jimmy Kimmel met with investors to pitch a great idea: A new venture that designs animal clothing, predominantly horse pants. I
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